Mr Declan Costello MA, MBBS, FRCS (ORL-HNS)


"I cannot begin to thank you enough Declan - you have given me back my life. Honestly! People often think losing your voice is nothing - but actually losing your voice makes you feel like nothing. I felt worthless, invisible and I lost all my confidence. Plus it is incredibly scary not knowing if you will ever be able to speak again. But now I can socialise again, join in group conversations and go to noisy places and not feel invisible now. I feel like my life has been on hold for two years and now I can start living again."

"I have been a professional singer for 14 years so the diagnosis of a vocal fold polyp was pretty devastating to begin with. However, Declan was incredibly supportive throughout the process. The surgery was completely painless and after some complete vocal rest I instantly felt my voice recovering quickly. Three months on, my voice is in extraordinarily good shape, in fact it's healthier now than it has ever been. My range has improved, particularly at the top, and I now have better control and more colours in my pallette. I find singing quietly easier now and am delighted with what my teacher describes as a "totally new voice"."

"Having been in various bands for the past 22 years and entertained audiences at venues such as Blenheim Palace, Woburn Abbey, The Savoy, The Grosvenor and the British Grand Prix party for the past 4 years, I found I was struggling to extend the vocal range I had enjoyed for many years. Having been introduced to Declan Costello my prayers were answered. A professional and understanding consultation led to a short procedure which not only reinstalled by confidence, but my 5 octave range."

"After brain surgery I was left with a left vocal fold paralysis and barely a whisper as a voice. After seeing Declan and deciding the best approach was to have the injection medialisation procedure, I went ahead with it a week later. There were instant improvements with a much louder sound to my voice as soon as I woke up from the anaesthetic. Since the procedure my voice has continued to improve allowing me to return to singing in my musical theatre degree. This is far more than I hoped for and I am very pleased with the overall result.
Thank you Declan."

"Thanks to Declan's care and expertise, I have my voice and career back. I cannot thank him enough......"

"My father's vocal cord injection has not only helped him medically, it has helped him mentally and socially. He feels so much better that he is now going out and having conversations with his neighbours and is continually ringing me. I love it! A big thank you from me personally and my brothers and sisters for helping to give Dad back the confidence he had before his problem started."
They took away my thyroid
An Ode to Declan Costello

They took away my thyroid
and with it went my voice
The thyroid held a tumour
so I didn't have a choice

Now to be without my thyroid,
I didn't miss a lot
But to be without a singing voice
Well, I just lost the plot

For six long months I struggled
To make my feelings heard
The problem was a frozen
left recurrent laryngeal nerve!

But surely if it's frozen
it will come back to life?
"Well no one knows,
it may take months,"
That's how the story goes

Now I'm not known for sitting back
Accepting the status quo
Determined that I'd sing again
I questioned those I know.

"Can someone help? I need to sing
To stop me feeling sad.
I'm willing to do anything
even if it's rad"

So one good friend suggested
that I try a certain fellow
"He's a surgeon and he's top notch.
And his name is Dec Costello.

Off went a message pleading for
An urgent consultation
To see if this important guy
Could temper my frustration.

Amazingly within a day
He sent a cheery note
'I'll treat you at the QE B'rum
I'll peer down your throat.'

'I'll see you soon
I'll send a date
So I can take a peek
I'll have a TV crew with me
That's sure to help you speak'

Arriving at the station
With the hospital in sight
The film crew in the distance
Now let me get this right

I strolled along quite nonchalantly
Taking in the view
I knew that they were filming me
The camera was a clue!

They followed me throughout the day
Microphones all ready
T'went up my back and down my front
I had to take it steady

The noble Declan took a look
Through a nasal endoscope
"No anaesthetic please, I'm brave!"
I knew that I could cope.

With several hmms and a couple of aahs
He soon began a smirking
"Hyaluronic acid, Botox to you
Will get those folds back working

The day of the injection came
The camera crew were there
Along with four senior consultants
Who came along to stare

The room was overcrowded
As I lay there in fright
A camera near my left ear
And Declan to my right

He held a very large syringe
"This won't hurt much" he said
I looked up at the ceiling
But my mind was full of dread

Just three short minutes later
My ordeal was all done
Say eeee say aaah
Now no more talk
For two days, just keep shtum.

For forty eight long hours
I kept my silence still
And when that time was over
I sang! Oh what a thrill.

My thanks to Doctor Declan
That surgeon oh so clever
The skill he showed, the joy I felt
My voice remains forever

I owe you Declan Costello